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Post date: 10/25/2012 - 16:50

RANA BAYOK in Kaduna writes on how married women and young girls who either dropped out of school or  did not  have the opportunity to go to school  are rushing to make up for the lost opportunity at the Care NGO School for Functional Literacy run by a university teacher.

Post date: 09/27/2012 - 13:37
Post date: 09/09/2012 - 08:05

The Akwa Ibom State Police Command has said it has rescued four babies from traffickers and kept them in the custody of the government-owned orphanage in the state. The police source said two of the babies were rescued from the home of a suspected child trafficker, Mfon Etuk, in Idoro, Uyo Local Government Area, while the other two were rescued from buyers in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

Post date: 09/03/2012 - 19:13

One of the myriads of challenges Nigeria is facing is witchcraft. No death occurs without being attributed to witchcraft. Even crimes such as armed robbery are said to be caused by it. People with debilitating terminal diseases, and even common cold would blame their relatives of causing such problems. In the last few years, 1,500 children have been accused in two of Nigerian States of witchcraft. Of these, around 1,000 have been killed, Child Right Campaigners have alleged. Sam Itauma of the Children's Rights Rehabilitation Network said that the most vulnerable of the children are the orphaned, sick and disabled.

Post date: 08/31/2012 - 16:49

For a little more than a decade, Southern Kaduna (known before as Southern Zaria) was embroiled in an unending series of conflicts. The tension in the area between the indigenous groups, and the Hausa/Fulani rulers had not really been attended to.

Post date: 08/31/2012 - 15:24

Nigeria's fast growing movie industry - Nollywood is not only recognized within the shores of Africa but recognized around the globe. Victor Decker, a Nollywood actor shares his experiences in the industry. In this interview conducted by Ben Adoga, Decker bares his mind on the industry that has taken the world by storm.

Post date: 08/31/2012 - 14:23

The town of Ogori Magongo is some 10 minutes drive from Okene a town in Kogi state. Located at the extreme south western part of Kogi state, it is situated some 300 kilometers away from Abuja, the Federal Capital territory.

Post date: 08/30/2012 - 23:58

Everybody remembers the first time with Fela. I was a preteen and it happened with my family. We were crossing Lagos’s famous Third Mainland Bridge at night on the way to the airport in Ikeja from my uncle’s house in Ikoyi when Fela’s song “Water No Get Enemy” began to play on the radio.


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