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Book Reviews

Post date: 08/31/2012 - 19:06

Do you get frightened each time you hear of Jesus and his soon coming back story? Each time you are made aware of your inadequacy and you feel threatened? God is a consuming fire waiting to throw all erring persons into hell fire where there will be the gnashing of teeth?

Post date: 08/30/2012 - 11:31

At first glance, anybody would think that this book is merely about the Boko Haram riots that rocked northern Nigeria exactly one year ago. This is a book that delves into the history, emergence and effects of religious intolerance and extremism in Nigeria leading to several clashes between the adherents of the two major religions; Christianity and Islam.

Post date: 08/30/2012 - 11:05

According to the Author, George Tyoikyaa Zeger Korgba, this 212 page book was not intended to be published. The initial intention was simply to record his life for his children. It has turned out to be a book that records the trajectory of not just the life and struggles of the author, who was not born with a silver spoon, and has had to literally fight his way through life, but records the decline in public service administration, the rising ethnic nationalism and the pitiable lack of emotional intelligence that has been the hallmark of public administration. Interesting the book reopens the debate on education – whether it should be regarded as a social service, or an important infrastructure which all other sectors of the economy depend on.

Post date: 08/30/2012 - 10:54

This 375 page book teaches you how to move your life forward. No matter how good you are or how are you have lagged behind or stagnated you could make a difference in your life. You can be a better person.

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